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LushBomb #3 Golden Egg


***4 Stars***

LilBlu Category

****Glittery, Coca butter bomb****


*****Glitter, Slow, Beneficial*****

‘Every good egg deserves, well, a golden egg of course. Shimmeringly sensual, this sweet wild orange and cocoa butter jewel is the only chocolate fix you should set your heart on. Indulge your skin in a super-softening, skin-loving soak that’s rich with luxurious butters, oils and lustre. ‘

‘The Golden Egg’ is an Easter special & it was one i was desperate to try as LuLu LushBomb has spent nearly every working day since they came out covered in glitter. Naturally i needed to know what the fuss was all about & after the lack of entertainment value of ‘Big Blue’ i was sure this one wouldn’t disappoint. There was a bit of a glitter explosion on plopping this one into the water and then it started rolling & rolling & rolling… It went on for ages! It turned out this was not a bad thing as I was later advised that this was because of the coca butter. Being a newish mum this was music to my ears as coca butter is great for ‘Mumtum’ & the stretch marks that come with it.  I must say that after this my tummy felt amazing thus giving me a lot more confidence in myself. Yay, for coca butter. When i finally got in the bath It was again really lovely and i sat there just watching the water sparkle like i was sat in some magical pool. It was really lovely and smelt like chocolate, one of the biggest loves of my life. It was very well-timed too as it was the final hours of my DECHOX for The British Heart Foundation, a sponsored challenge where i gave up chocolate for a whole month. I raised £60 for the charity and it seemed quite a good reward for my efforts.

After the bath water had drained the tub was a covered in golden glitter. It was pretty easy to wash away though, but i would advise not to leave it too long as that stuff sticks like glue, just not as gloopy!

All in all i loved this LushBomb & i am a little sad it will not be around all year but i am sure there will be some fun and exciting glittery ones to look forwards to come christmas. So for now, i may have to make me a little golden egg nest and stock up to keep me going until the festivities begin!

I would certainly recommend this LushBomb/Egg to chocoholics like myself and also to those among us who love to sparkle! It is great for mums trying to help their post baby tummies or people who are losing weight to help with their skin and stretch marks.

Now, where to find a nest to help me stock up…



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