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LushBomb#1 ~ Think Pink


***4 Stars***

LilBlu Category

****Relaxing bomb****


*****Romantic, Calming, Sweet Scented*****

“No thinking cap is needed to realise that this candy-flowered bath companion truly adores you. Pop it into warm water and revel in the pinkened sweet tonka and comforting vanilla pool that unfolds. A sunny note of neroli oil complements soothing lavender to create a cheerful, yet calming heart-spangled soak.”

I have never really been a girly girl and it is no secret that pink is not my go to colour but i thought i would go against the grain and see what this bomb had to offer. The moment it hits the water the fizzy pink dance begins scattering tiny confetti hearts as it goes. It certainly has a 4 star entertainment value appealing to my romantic side. The scents complimented each other so well that one in the bath it was easy to get lost in ones own world. It was relaxing and calming as it is to sit by a river listening to the sound of the river running passed and the birds singing.

This would make a perfect gift for a young mum or hard-working, romantic in need of that refreshing come down after a long commute or taxing day. I would also not rule this out for us less girly girls as i really enjoyed this bath and will certainly be buying this again.



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