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LushBomb #5 Butter Bear (Discontinued)


***2 Stars***

LilBlu Category

****Discontinued bomb****


*****Beneficial, Simple, Butter*****

I was given the Butter Bear as part of a LushBomb mothers day gift. It was an item a friend had bought and not used, so if you are looking for this one online or in store you probably will not find it. Standing alone this bath bomb would have been great for regular use because of the buttery goodness your skin enjoys but other than it’s over all look, once it was in the water there wasn’t much entertainment value. Infact mine fizzed for 1 or 2 seconds and then sank and when you are following ‘Twilight’ it really was a bit of a switch. However after the bath my skin was feeling lovely and my mummy tummy certain felt the benefits so on that front, had it been still available in store i probally would have gone for it for this reason alone.

If you, like my friend have this one tucked away in your bathroom draw somewhere give it a go to help your skin. If your skin is free from stretches then maybe offer it up to a new mummy, like me who’s mummy tummy & strech-marks could benefit from it buttery goodness.



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