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LushBomb #6 YogaBomb

***5 Stars***
LilBlu Category
****Chillax bomb ****
*****Beautiful, Relaxing, Zen, Glitter*****

‘Take a journey of the self as reassuringly soothing sandalwood oil creates a sanctuary of calm in your bath. When you plunge this meditative fizzer into the water, slow mesmerising shades of oranges, purples and turquoise will unfurl. At the same time deeply relaxing olibanum and ho wood release, fragrancing your body and surroundings. It’s the ideal atmosphere to lie back and contemplate life.’ (USA site)

After the disappointing entertainment value of The Butter Bear so i thought i would next go for a bath bomb that promised colour, and a lot of it and the Yoga Bomb was just that. It fizzed and gradually introduced new colours like rainbow in my bath. Just what i was looking for. Being the mum of a toddler means it’s not easy to switch my brain off but not only did i drift off into my own little day-dream i actually fell asleep. I woke up feeling very relaxed to a lovely sweet smell. I will certainly be buying a Yoga Bomb for my next mothers day treat.

I would recommend this to anyone looking to kick back and just chill especially after a tough day. Treats like these are a must have to busy people to keep those stress levels in check.

Sadly since writting the above i can no longer find it on the UK site but i have included a link to the USA site 🙂



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