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LushBomb #10 Sacred Lotus

***5 Stars***
LilBlu Category
****Chillax bomb ****
*****Beautiful, Relaxing, Zen, Shimmer*****
‘The land of the lotus eaters was once confined to legend. Now, you can take a trip there in your bath. Drift away on an odyssey as the bubbly, purple petals of this bomb detach and float over the water, slowly turning your bath a dreamy shade of peach. Tunisian neroli lifts the mood whilst jasmine and tonka transport you to a exotic floral paradise you won’t want to leave. Thankfully, when you’re called back to reality, the magic will remain.’
So, i was a tad naughty a d treated myself to a slightly more expensive LushBomb. It is a kitchen exclusive & so ordered online & i am pleased to say it was worth it. Very much like the yoga bomb but in its own unique way. Firstly, i must comment on the delivery as it really was top-notch! It arrived safely & completely intact, very well packaged.
You can see from the picture unlike other LushBomb’s this one had a number of purple petals sticking upwards. These in turn fizzed individually away from the main body of the bomb. Now purple is my favorite colour so i was very happy to get into this bath. When i did was when i noticed the water was shimmering pink, like smoke dancing around the water, It was mesmerizing. When i say shimmer it really was. Very different from the glitter bombs i have experienced prior to this one & it was beautiful.
This bath was also another zen bath. I was totally relaxed and able to switch off my mum brain and just enjoy the floral scents and relax. If it wasn’t for the cost inc p&p for this bomb i would certainly be buying this bomb regularly but as it is i think this is going to need to be a nice treat bomb, unless Lush make it available in all stores… hint hint!!! I would certainly recommend this Lushbomb to anyone in need of a total chillax. It is most defiantly in the current top 5. Just wonderful.


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